Unfair Game

Rush made the observation on his show today about that Kerry’s campaign-manager declaring Mary Cheney as “fair game,” infers that this was part of a plan of attack. This can only be re-enforced by John “say anything” Edwards’ similar blabbering in last week’s VP debate.

During the Bush/Kerry debate on Wednesday, I immediately thought to myself, “Why couldn’t he talk about people on his side of the aisle like Jim McGreevy?” Or he could have talked about personal friends of his.

The act in itself was obnoxious, especially since Ms. Cheney, although being an adult, is supposed to be off-limits to attack because she’s the child of the Vice President. But the fact that it was a cold, calculated way to antagonize the Bush-Cheney ticket is just a stunt that’s inspired by the spirit of the fever-swamp.

What John Kerry said was rooted in hatred. Instead of limiting his attacks to the Vice President, he targeted someone whom he loves – his daughter. If words were weapons, he committed a verbal “drive by shooting.”

I think of the Spiderman movies do a great job of reeling you in to dislike the “bad guys” because they don’t only target Spiderman; rather they target the ones he loves. Hopefully undecided voters will flock to Bush, due to the display of poor character on Kerry’s part.

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