October Surprises

This just in: (11:45AM): Reuters is reporting that the Iranians favor Kerry. What a surprise!One of the most hilarious quotes is, "Kerry is unlikely to ease the pressure on Iran, which will remain a key U.S. foreign policy challenge whoever wins the Nov. 2 vote."


They go on to quote a "Conservative" Iranian representative that panders to the liberal media and left, "Conservative strategist Amir Mohebian, who advises some of Iran's top policymakers, agreed. 'We prefer Kerry because he favours diplomatic methods rather than pressure. Iran is better off if he wins.'"

Conservative??? Who are they kidding? Nevermind.

Imagine the “October Surprise” the Kerry Campaign would have if Bush’s campaign were accepting money from one of the “Axis of Evil.” It would be like Reagan accepting campaign cash from the Ruskies in 1984.

As indicated in my previous post, John Kerry has been receiving campaign cash from the Iranians. Free Republic has been tracking closely, so has Shot in the Dark, and “Give War a Chance.” I thought it was a good time to “stoke” this story, because of the latest attempt for the 3-headed monster (CBS News, NY Times, Kerry Campaign) to make an issue out of this ridiculous “disappearing weapons” story. Hugh Hewitt is “all over it,” so check out the details here.

I interviewed (via e-mail) Sara Townsley, a columnist at the Cornell Daily Sun, who wrote an article covering this story. I asked her why this story isn’t really getting traction in the Blogs, and she said:

I don't think there's anything complicated about campaign contributions from
lobbyists for the enemy, so I'm baffled at the blackout. Which is why I wrote
about it. The Cox Commission report, a Congressional investigation which
detailed how Clinton relaxed export restrictions on dual-use technologies to
China in exchange for huge campaign contributions, was buried too. I don't think
either party has clean hands, but where Republicans often give the money back
and eschew any further involvement, Democrats never do and don't even make an
effort to disguise their sympathy for enemy causes.
Sara also pointed me to an AP article, which tries to show 3rd party connections to both campaigns. The writer gleefully shares statistics that show 27 friends-of-a-friend of Bush that worked for companies who did business deals with Iran. Kerry has 12, and the writer leads you conclude that Bush is the loser. They totally neglect the DIRECT link that the Kerry Campaign has to the Mullahs, and that the cash went to the CAMPAIGN, as opposed to a business.

Rick at “Stones Cry Out” pointed me to this. If the MSM were conservative, this would be like the days of Lincoln, when treason was a hanging offense.
As usual, when facts aren’t on their side, the left must resort to hacking! I think they do it without knowing it. They’re like spin-doctor zombies! Remember Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video? So who would “Michael” be? Please leave your guess in the comments! (Terry Mcauliffe?)


d. earl griffin said...

How is the "disappearing weapons" story ridiculous? Have you really read what it says? Have you really looked at what has been said about it or where this story comes from? 400+ tons of plastic explosives, which had been tagged and was being monitored by UN weapon inspectors prior to the invasion was not checked on or secured by US troops when we went in and has since been looted and is being used to blow up our troops and it is a stupid story?!?!?!?!

Give me a break.

ricardo said...

d. earl griffin,

you are way behind on that story man... The 3rd ID did check the facility thoroughly on 4/10. The explosives had been moved and not by looters, which would have been logistically impossibile.

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