Comebacks and Predictions

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for making baseball history, who faced a 3-0 series deficit with the mighty Yankees, to win 4-3! Wow.

Now, I must predict that the mainstream media (MSM) will try to draw a parallel with the Red Sox comeback, and a comeback for John Kerry. I GUARANTEE that John Kerry will be seen in a Red Sox hat in the coming days, maybe by tomorrow. All "I told you sos" will be posted ASAP!

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i - Lobbyist said...

You've said it right! The "comeback kid" is only days away from the talking heads' mutterings and mumblings! I find it a bit opportunistic. I would challenge each of us to think of someone we know who would use any opportunity to promote themselves...now think about what you really think about that person. If nothing else it is a sad testimonial and in some ways an indictment on John Kerry for being so amusingly predictable.

From the moment he pandered to television audiences (nearly drooling) to promise not to raise taxes--one could see the sheer desperation in the character and heart of this man. Kerry just needs an opportunity...that's what he would have Americans to think. I am certain that all of us together could find him a more suitable position other than Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful nation on the planet.