Bush Vs.Kerry Round 2, Light posting

Not much time this week, as we had a new baby boy! My wife went into labor about 2 hours after the “VEEP” debate ended, and I couldn't see telling her, "Hold on honey, let me update my blog before we go to the hospital!" I'd be in the doghouse for life. It was so obvious that Cheney “schooled” Edwards much like a well-refined NBA player (John Stockton) schools a young “talented” player (Stephan Marbury).

Remember “Glass Joe” from the video game, “Mike Tyson’s Punch out?” Well, I think Kerry is "Glass John." I think Bush finally hit Kerry’s glass jaw. We all knew it was there, Botox & all, and were anticipating a big “shatter.” He could’ve been harsher, especially in his rebuttal to Kerry’s answer to this question; the question that made the President “want to scowl”. I imagine most specifically, it was this statement by Kerry, "We were safer before President Bush came to office." Game, set, match! It's no exaggeration - this man will get us killed! So, I’ll just provide a line-by-line rebuttal (comments in fiery red) within the transcript!

QUESTION: (from Randee)

“Iran sponsors terrorism and has missiles capable of hitting Israel and southern Europe. Iran will have nuclear weapons in two to three years time.
In the event that U.N. sanctions don't stop this threat, what will you do as president?”

"Glass John" KERRY: I don't think you can just rely on U.N. sanctions, Randee. But you're absolutely correct, it is a threat, it's a huge threat. And what's interesting is, it's a threat that has grown while the president has been preoccupied with Iraq...
Another condescending fallacy, and if you listen closely, it implies that if HE were president, that he’d be micromanaging EVERYTHING.
…where there wasn't a threat.
Neither was Hitler, according to Neville Chamberlain! After all, why would we be inclined to believe that after being denied his imperialistic visions in Desert Storm, 12 years of violating no-fly zones, dealing under the table with France, China and Russia (in the oil for food scandal), making a mockery of weapons inspectors (with lots of help from Hans Blixx), paying suicide bombers ‘beneficiaries’ $25,000 a piece for their terrorist murders, his glowing human-rights record, mass graves, prisons with children, rape and torture rooms, gassing his own people with WMD etc. that he was suddenly rehabilitated?
If he'd let the inspectors do their job...
How can they do their job when they are corrupt? On top of that, don’t you think Saddam was a master at “gamming” them after 12 years???
...and go on, we wouldn't have 10 times the numbers of forces in Iraq that we have in Afghanistan chasing Osama bin Laden.
Oh! I forgot. This war is on Osama! THE US VERSUS ONE MAN! SUPERMAN! This guy genuinely doesn’t get it. As the President said, this war is being waged in 102 countries, and our enemy are terrorists, and any person or nation that harbors or aids them. Remember when the President said that you wouldn’t hear about many of the victories? It’s because announcing them would compromise our men!
Meanwhile, while Iran is moving toward nuclear weapons, some 37 tons of what they called yellow cake, the stuff they use to make enriched uranium, while they're doing that, North Korea has moved from one bomb maybe, maybe, to four to seven bombs. For two years, the president didn't even engage with North Korea, did nothing at all, while it was growing more dangerous, despite the warnings of former Secretary of Defense William Perry, who negotiated getting television cameras and inspectors into that reactor.
So what are we supposed to think? If Kerry were President, he would have invaded Iran, AND North Korea? Or are we supposed to think that he’s such a genius and has such a better, more ‘complicated’ plan, that he’d just bring them to their knees through diplomacy (Hat tip Little Green Footballs)? Bush clobbered him on this point, noting that Kerry wants “bilateral talks,” thus alienating China, Russia, South Korea et. al.
We were safer before President Bush came to office.
The sad thing is that he really believes this! TELL THAT TO THE PEOPLE THAT WERE KILLED ON 9/11! Also this was just after Clinton left office and dangerously cut the military, and turned it into a “meals on wheels” program.
Now they have the bombs and we're less safe.
He said it again! I thought Madeline Albright got the job done in N. Korea…. Unbelievable.
So what do we do? We've got to join with the British and the French, with the Germans,
Nothing like being “coerced and bribed” like France and Germany were by Saddam!
who’ve been involved, in their initiative. We've got to lead the world now to crack down on proliferation as a whole. But the president's been slow to do that, even in Russia.
At his pace, it's going to take 13 years to reduce and get ahold of all the loose nuclear material in the former Soviet Union.
As if you can extrapolate such complicated issues! Don’t be fooled by this red herring. I've proposed a plan (yeah, just go to his website and look at that 227 word sophistry – pathetic – now look at Bush’s 2000+ word plan…)
that can capture it and contain it and clean it within four years.
And the president is moving to the creation of our own bunker- busting nuclear weapon.
It's very hard to get other countries to give up their weapons when you're busy developing a new one.
I'm going to lead the world in the greatest counterproliferation effort. And if we have to get tough with Iran, believe me, we will get tough.
Yeah. I call bunker-busters tough. You know, this is more reason why this election is the most important ever, and that our lives depend upon it. John Kerry is reckless, and WILL bring the battle to our soil and get us killed.


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Here is the entire debate in an Windows audio format for anyone who is interested. Download it if you want, its free.


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Great blog by the way! I've just bookmarked it.