The Terrorists Still Think They Can Win

What’s the first thing that came to your mind when you woke learned of the first World Trade Center bombing, (here and here)? How about the Oklahoma City Bombing? I don’t know about you, but without hesitation, I thought “Radical Muslim Terrorists!” Why? Because we’ve known their tactics and motivations for over 20 years!

Instead of going after them where they hide, plan and collaborate with countries that harbor and supply them, Bill Clinton “swept things under the rug.” He used the Oklahoma City bombing as a “misinformation” campaign that protected the administration from blame. Clinton was a master at this at every level; living by the philosophy: “When you can’t take the heat, use red herrings and attack them!” Clinton could do this because the MSM was eager to help him. As an example, Clinton implicated “purveyors of hate” like Rush Limbaugh, and right-wing conservatives for the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the MSM gladly followed that “blood trail,” while ignoring the real one.

As Islamofacist terrorist were planning and establishing their networks, Clinton was helping the Chinese update their nuclear arsenal to help get re-elected with their cash. He was mired in scandal, conducting a war in Yugoslavia/Kosovo, going through impeachment, Monica, ad nauseum. For political purposes, which were the underlying justification of all of his military actions, he fired a couple of Tomahawk missiles at Bin Laden, and led a small assault in Iraq (Operation Desert Fox).

Then we finally had a serious President elected in 2000, who was handed (in addition to a vandalized White House), a very weakened military, a recession, corporate scandals, and a mess in the Justice Department, and the intelligence community. President Bush indicated that he wanted to “go after” terrorists, and he was “tired of swatting flies,” as the previous administration had done.

With all the aforementioned factors considered, Bin Laden and his minions saw a great opportunity to strike BIG. The terrorists certainly figured that we were divided, especially after the hysteria from the election in 2000. Knowing that the new administration would have a more serious doctrine against terrorism, they had to strike in the beginning of his term. They struck at a time of weakness and transition in order to undermine the new administration.

We all woke up on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 and realized the war upon us. We were united. We all knew who the enemy was. President Bush was loved and revered by over 90% of the population, and we all agreed when he said, “You’re either with us or against us.” But it wasn’t long until we were divided again! Democrats were up to their old tricks – making George Bush (and the right) the enemy instead of the terrorists.

I really believe that Osama (if he’s alive) and his minions think they can win this war. They might be right, especially when you consider Jesus’ words in Matthew 12:25, “Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand.” They also know that they make the most progress when Democrats are in power (the track record speaks for itself).

I don’t think the terrorists could have possibly anticipated how divided we would be in 2004. This is very dangerous, because this plays in their favor. Let’s go back to the weeks after 9/11, when we were united; even John Kerry complimented President Bush on how he handled things after 9/11! Now is not the time to give power to a man that used the war to divide us. John Kerry is not fighting the war on Terror; he’s fighting the war against the “right,” and has demonstrated that he’ll say anything, flip and flop, and even endanger our troops to get elected. Yasser Arafat likes him These are not good men.


d. earl griffin said...

Seriously Matt,

I did not immediately think "Radical Muslim Terrorist!" when Oklahoma City was bombed. I think that speaks to a personal bigotry on your part, particularly when you are still invoking it as such years later when we know that the folks behind it were pissed off whitebread Americans.

I'll come back to this later tonight, when I have a little time to tackle some more of your creative history, but work calls.


Unicorns Against Bush said...

hello crucible,

i hate to break character, but your blog was so effecting that it made me cry . . . in disappointment. i really don't know how you sleep at night. the rhetoric you shamelessly spread can really influence people. i hope that you are fully aware of that responsibility. i certainly wasn't, and i'm sorry for it now. but i pray that either you are stupid or sincerely jaded, because i cannot imagine how you go to bed at night. you are a disservice to your country and your world.

i am very disappointed in you, but i honestly hope you find peace (and a legitmate source of information).

ben hudson

slam said...

Is there anything 'bigoted' or 'jaded' about using the term 'radical Islamic terrorist'? I think not! Matt was right to think this because contrary to your 'faulty' thinking the only group guilty of such atrocities were the RITs up to the time of the Oklahoma City bombing. And, when the aircraft were flown into the twin towers, I don't think many folks (other than you and perhaps uninformed individuals like yourself) were thinking that angry Americans were up to it again!
Catch a clue!
I am convinced that there are those in the world who want to hug most everything--including terrorist! Pick a different cause!