A Lefty Makes My Point

This guy makes my point from the previous post perfectly! He has nothing to contribute except “Bush-hatred” and personal attacks. Even the title of his blog, "Awareness is Painful" gives him away! May I suggest a subtitle? How about, "Ignorance kills the pain."

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d. earl griffin said...

Hi Matt,

thank you for the link and your kind words. I know I lash out impolitely in my blog, but I figure this is as good a place as any to find a little cathartic release, where anyone who is reading, or who is offended can (as you have) swing back in like kind.

About the title of my blog, I invite you and yours to explore my blog a little further to learn a little more about what I am saying, but to get you started right, I recommend checking out a posting from last month, awareness is painful: a little note about this blog and where it is going and why it is hereAs to the suggestion of a subtitle, there already is one (it is in the footer): "...but ignorance is deadly."