First Debate

Who won? If you listened to the issues, Bush won on substance, and did a great job of framing Kerry as indecisive, having poor judgment, changing positions and sending mixed-messages. Bush made the case for his leadership. He made some mistakes, most notably, when Kerry characterized our war being against Osama Bin Laden, Bush should have emphasized that Al Qaeda is the enemy, and anyone who harbored them etc. was an enemy. This cancerous terror-network metastasized around the globe, and Saddam Hussein equipped, and harbored, them, and shared their cause of Global Jihad.

Now, in order to gain some strategic perspective, let’s pull out a map of the Middle East (go ahead). Bush said shortly after 9/11 that the axis of evil is Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Iraq and Iran were obvious state sponsors of terror, and North Korea has the ability to manufacture and proliferate nuclear weapons. Our strategy was to achieve victory with minimum loss of life and limb. In order to do that, we needed to crush the breeding ground for terrorists in Afghanistan. But first, we made quick allies with Pakistan (highlight Pakistan on the map). Months later, when we got Afghanistan under control, (now highlight it in on the map with Pakistan) it was time to take the next step.

For strategic and economic reasons, Iraq was the obvious next step. Now highlight Iraq. Oh, and highlight Libya too, who as “turned in” their WMD program. Now, look at your map. The terrorists are desperate to see us fail, which is why they’re crossing the borders (From Iran and Syria, none the less). Thankfully, their concentrating in the “Suni triangle,” and we’re shooting them like fish in a barrel!

Guess who’s shaking in their boots? All this to say, what if we may win the War on Terror losing less than 2000 lives, and not having to fire a shot in Iran or Syria? Iran is STARVING for a democratic revolution, and they’ll have a new democracy on either side of them in (Iraq and Afghanistan). As for Syria, chances are that they will fold without a fight (Sec. Powell has been over there lately as a dove, warning of the hawk…).

Now, look at a map of the United States. Do you want to fight this battle here? Picture having Belsan-like massacres here! Oh, FYI, the feds just caught one... (Hat tip, Little Green Footballs)

With respect to style, Kerry was smooth, but had a “glass jaw” on substance, and continued his shameless politicization of the war. He even said, “Help is on the Way?” Does this guy have an original thought of his own?

Bush had his “ums,” “ahs” and pauses, and invented a new adverb, “forciferously” when discussing staying on the offensive in Iraq. He also seemed a bit annoyed, but I think he was passionate, with a hint of frustration. It was hard to take Kerry seriously; Kerry’s intent was to throw him off, and introduce fabrications a red-herrings.

I hope you were able to resist the temptation to listen to the “talking heads” tonight after the debate. There’s no opportunity to talk through the issues on the television or in newspapers – just spin. Don’t let them tell you what you think. Read the blogs, and be informed. There’s a war of information going on, and bad info hurts the War on Terror and weakens our resolve.