Saving Detroit

Bankruptcy is a lame answer!

The government owes GM, Ford and Chrysler reparations for the un-fair disadvantages imposed upon them by over-bearing labor unions, and cafĂ© standards. Maybe they should give GM a $50/hr rebate for every employee so they can compete again. Then keep offering tax credits for efficient clean-burning cars that people actually want to buy (as opposed to silly fads like the “SMART car”).

This is not just a capitalistic argument, my friends, it’s a political one, and it’s time for a day of reckoning. The government needs accountability! THEY BETRAYED our automakers, and now that bankruptcy is likely, they effectively betrayed all of the companies that GM has receivables with. The ripple effect will be enormous.


Impressions of Obama's 60 Minutes Interview

The Good:

Barack Obama was very likable and seemingly genuine. He gave straight answers and was confident and poised. Much different than Clinton (slick) and Bush (how do you do interviews with people who hate you?)

It was profoundly interesting that he said he was "studying Lincoln." Any study of Abraham Lincoln is a good thing - I'm just glad he's not studying Andrew Johnson, LBJ, Carter, and Clinton! He also noted FDR, Eisenhower, and Reagan. Not sure of his intent, but he's clearly trying to learn what makes Republicans tick, at least, conservative ones!

He seemed to have decent priorities; National Security, Economy, and Energy.

He was comfortable, and his personality came out. I found myself laughing out loud several times. I love that he grew up in humble circumstances, and he can identify with the "common" and even "disadvantaged" man.

I liked that he said (paraphrase) that "people didn't vote for me or against me because of the color of my skin." Obviously, that's not totally true, but it wasn't true enough to be a factor in the election, particularly the "against."

The Obama's are struggling with how to make the White House a normal experience and place for their kids. I guess they just have to "parent" them through it. Having Mrs. Robinson (Michelle's mother-in-law) come to live at the White House should be very interesting. Wow.

The "Not so Good":

Someone please tell the camera-man to "zoom out" a little. He was up in Obama's grill so much that the crown of his head was cropped out. I mean puhleeze!. When Obama smiled, his grin went from one end of my 42" screen to the next! It was horrible, and I thought it took away from the interview. I doubt they ever filmed Bush this way!

Steve Kroft wasn't allowed to ask follow-up questions. He was linguine-spined, and slobbering all over himself...There were several obvious opportunities to do so, particularly when it came to his declaration that "I will sign an executive order to close Guantanamo Bay."

Then Obama followed up by just declaring "America doesn't torture." Well, I guess unless you're in a mother who wishes to make her womb a torture and death chamber.
Mr. President Elect, that's why I voted against you!

The other obvious follow-up questions that are so important relate to the GM bailout. It's Democrat-Party politics that have all but "bankrupted" GM with their over-bearing UAW labor-union politics! It's forced GM to dissolve themselves out from under US laborworkers... unintended consequences... and crippled their ability to compete with Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, who produce automobiles in the USA for less money that it cost GM (not to mention Ford and Chrysler). SO, Mr, Obama, will there be a day of reckoning for them?

Michelle Obama...she interrupted her husband several times, and came across very cold. I sure would like to see her warm side; Lord knows she's had plenty of opportunities.


1) I'm glad Hillary Clinton isn't President (and never will be)
2) The media is his advocate, and that's dangerous for America because they won't hold him accountable for anything, they'll be dismissive and make excuses.


Economy 101

Inform yourself with the "Crash Course." It will help ground your perspective as economic times get tough. Chris Martenson has dedicated his life for the past 4 years putting this together, and his blog is fantastic.

Hold the politicians accountable!


Another Crisis in Africa

Pray for Africa, particularly the hostility in Congo and that our new President will look at effective ways to help, rather than just throwing money and barges of food...only to have it pillaged by thugs.

See the video


Time to Rebuild

Congratulations to President-Elect Obama. I pray for wisdom for him and his team, and that his heart will be changed regarding the unborn, and embryonic stem-cell research. I also hope he's open-minded about the War on Terror. I'm sure once he is "briefed" on the intelligence reports that are unavailable to the MSM and the public, he will be rudely awakened and enlightened.
I also hope he puts country over politics. That's where presidents become great.

And speaking of putting country over politics, "thank you and farewell" to President Bush who cut taxes, and protected the home-land, while disabling/neutralizing our enemy abroad. Althogh he wasn't perfect (Government and spending was wildly out of control), history will be kind to him.

Meanwhile, hopefully the Republican Party will hear a message loud and clear. WE are the party of Reagan and Lincoln. Not Rockefellar!