Prediction True!

Ok. That was easy. It took a little longer than I thought (and a World Series 2-0 lead by the Red Sox), but Jonathan Alter of Newsweek (liberal rag) has thrown it out there. I’ll add more “links” as my prediction continues to come true; this will gain traction, folks! I should have just written the article for him, but he probably had it written before my prediction.

An AP article in the Miami Herald reports John Kerry as wearing a Red Sox hat, and offers this quote that shows that the media is anxious to make a parallel between his campaign and the Red Sox:

"They're the greatest comeback team there is," Kerry said. Asked if there were
any metaphors for his campaign, he declined to talk politics. "We're just
playing ball here tonight.” Wade said Kerry is avoiding tying his fate to the
team's because he has watched their World Series hopes dashed too many times
Just wait and see if the Red Sox win! There will be PLENTY of metaphors. HA.

2:30 P.M. update: Mark Shields draws parallels here.

Just remember that if one wants to parallel this race with baseball, this race is about the President who threw a STRIKE across the plate in the 2001 World Series in Yankee Stadium in BODY ARMOR with the whole WORLD watching (Video title "The Pitch"), versus the one who threw it in the dirt at Fenway (another link) in July, 2004.

For more fun, look here
Stay tuned… Thanks to Rick at http://stones-cry-out.blogspot.com/ for the referrals!

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i - Lobbyist said...

"Pitcher’s speak a thousand words!" No words needed to find the problem with Kerry's pitch! I am not a pitcher but if you are, please identify the type of pitch Kerry is attempting to throw in the photo! (You’ll have to get a close-up view by clicking on the picture). http://washingtontimes.com/national/20040726-023652-7782r.htm
I have never seen anything like it before! No wonder it didn’t make it to the plate!.

Just like him to blame the catcher!