Obama's arrogance = suffering & pain for all

It's there any doubt that Obama's combined lack of executive experience, coupled with his sheer arrogance, will cause suffering, loss and damage worldwide?

Why would he use his bully pulpit to comment on an incident before knowing the facts of the case? Well, maybe he doesn't care about the facts...

updated story here.

Prof. Gates (the guy that was arrested for being reported for breaking into his own home) received the disorderly conduct charge AFTER it was determined that he was the owner of the house...and in the front yard none the less.

Now, let's look at how his arrogance is hurting middle east politics: read this.

Now think about how he's handling:
1) Health care (do you want a politician deciding whether grandma/grandpa have lived long enough or not?)
2) "Cap and Trade" (a.k.a, "crap & prayed")
3) Abortion on demand
4) The war.
5) The economy

The pattern of "ramming everything through" is really dangerous. Does anyone believe that hastily formed legislation benefits all?

I would think that well-intentioned people develop this stuff after considerable time, collaboration, debate, and thought.


Children need to connect with nature

There's nothing like watching my kids playing in the wilderness- to see their souls come alive with awe and wonder of creation. This is an awesome article by Richard Louv from Al Mohler's blog.


Conservative Party

I joined the Conservative Party today. I highly recommend you do the same, whether you're a Democrat or Republican. The Republican party left me...I feel at home now. Check it out join, and spread the work!