Third Debate

I thought the debate was good for Bush and bad for Kerry. The President was relaxed and on the offense, and showed command of the issues. I especially loved how he labeled Kerry “left of Ted Kennedy,’ and pointed out his vote AGAINST Desert Storm.

Kerry was up to his usual bag of tricks: On every question, in all three debates, Kerry acknowledges the question for 10 seconds, bash-Bush with card-stacking and red-herring techniques for 50 seconds, recite “I have a smarter, better, plan” rhetoric, then make all kinds of promises he won’t be able to keep for the remainder 30 seconds. It’s coercion and bribery in action! His true colors as a wolf in sheep’s clothing shined through when he was talking about faith and works, but somehow couldn’t correlate that to his votes on partial birth abortion. Does this guy even hear himself talk?

I liked the question about the women in their lives. Bush’s answer about learning to listen to his wife was perfect – HOME RUN. Kerry managed to show ability to laugh at himself with regards to “marrying up,” which made me laugh, but then he even managed to partially change the topic and talk about his mother. “Integrity, Integrity, Integrity.” Maybe those were his mom’s 3 last words to him. But just think of that! Why would she feel the need to say that to a grown man? That may be something you say to a 12-year-old boy. My goodness.

The President asked for your vote specifically in 2 out of the 3 debates, and John Kerry never directly “closed the sale.” If you’re reading this and are among one of the “undecided voters,” I’ve got some points that you should consider:

Are your ideas are left of Ted Kennedy’s? Can you answer that with certainty? If not, it’s worth your time to look into it. There’s too much at stake!

Don’t be hypnotized by the “Bush-hatred,” the lies about the war, the cynicism and anger from the left. Don’t be coerced and bribed by his campaign rhetoric, and the bias in the mainstream media!

I hear many people tell me, “Bush really screwed up in Iraq,” yet all they do is regurgitate the MSM’s talking points and spin. When I discuss it with them, they give me that “deer in the headlights” look, like they’ve just figured out how ignorant they really are about the War on Terror. Some fire back with empty charges and questions, usually leading off with things like, “The Iraq war is just about oil…” I just tell them, “That’s something worth looking into, don’t you think?” As soon as I answer that with some facts, we both realize at the same time that all they know about the Iraq war is that it was done for oil, and they have nothing else to contribute to the conversation. If the person is cynical, then they won’t listen, and I won’t waste my time. But if they’re open, there’s no way they’ll vote for Kerry.

Voters who are willfully ignorant and infected by the cynicism of the “fever-swamp” left are dangerous. All the cries about “Halliburton, no blood for oil, Bush lied etc.” are just tactics to attract undecided and ignorant voters. They bait with cynicism and anger, and will say, do and promise anything to get your vote.
Does his past action of coming home from Vietnam and giving aid and comfort to the enemy give you confidence in him as commander in chief?

John Kerry undermines our alliances, saying, that they are “coerced and bribed,” minimizes their sacrifice, and plays numbers games with war-death statistics – just to get your vote of course. He also says we’re in the “wrong war wrong time wrong place,” (after he was for it), minimizes the GWOT to a hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Then, he voted NO for appropriations for our soldiers so they can be equipped to fight (“before he voted for it”).

So, vote wisely, America, and, pray for wisdom. Our lives depend upon it.

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