Thank God! Bush Won

Why won't John Kerry concede? Because his lust for power is so great that not even simple math can persuade him. He's down by 136,483 votes with 250,000 provisional votes remaining. So let's see. The campaign that wants to lead our nation can't figure out that they'd have to win 193,242 remaining votes to win Ohio. That is: s 77.3% of the provisional votes would have to have Kerry's name on them. He couldn't even do that in Massachusetts, folks.

Kerry's up by virtually the same number in Michigan (142,193), and in Pennslyvania (122,000) so why is Kerry so sure he's going to win those?

Bye Bye Johns. You've been flushed.

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d. earl griffin said...

That this election has even been close says some pretty shameful things about this country, but do not for a second believe that it is over.

Not until ever last vote is counted. And if you have any faith in our democracy, you will demand the same thing. Just because it is close is no reason to concede until we know without a doubt that every last vote is counted. Every provisional ballot, every absentee ballot.

Anything less would be shameful, to all of us.