Two Were killed, One Was a Murderer

The mainstream media’s (MSM) moral indifference is only outdone by their telegraphed political agendas. The latest example can be contrasted in two killings: one by a terrorist, and one by a Marine (here and here) HT Stones-Cry-Out.

NBC News (owned by General Electric) is guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy with their careless, tabloid-style reporting that blackballs this Marine. Instead of focusing on the murder of Margaret Hassan, the British aid worker in Iraq, they’d rather trash the Marines, who are putting their life on the line cleaning up the sewer of humanity in Fallujah and elsewhere in the GWOT.

People who train their children to become suicide bombers will do anything to kill Americans; especially Marines. They booby-trap dead bodies, trash, blow themselves up, and will use any dirty tactic to inflict terror on their enemy. Therefore, they are worthy of a "security round," instead of risking their own lives in the pipedream hopes that we can “rehabilitate him.”

The MSM will even go so far as to criticize the now famous photo of a Marine smoking, by complaining that this photo promotes smoking! So, in protest, send a case of cigarettes in a care package for a soldier in Iraq, or just adopt a soldier at soldiersangels.com and then send one of these.


Matt said...

Excellent point, Matt. As for the cigarettes, I say we send the boys a pack of Lucky Strikes or Camel Reds.

ricardo said...

You still posting man? Just checking in...