Same old Cardinals

I’ve wanted to cheer for the Arizona Cardinals for 18 years. I bought tickets in the Buddy Ryan years. We’re reliving those years all over again! Despite all the proclaimed good-intentions by the team to build a winner, and with history on my side, I’ve concluded this: I’m finally divorcing myself from them as a fan.

The Cardinals organization raped Arizona, and will continue to rape this community. Yeah we get the Super Bowl and fringe benefits of an economy of an NFL team, but they did us dirty. I’ve got more respect for an NFL fan that goes to Cardinals stadium to cheer for another team, than to go and cheer for the Cardinals. That’s why Cardinals-fans are such good “boo-birds.” There’s deep-down resentment. Our seasons (with rare exceptions) last from the first week in September to the first week in October.

When it comes time to pony-up for season tickets next year, nobody will have time or money for this team. Meanwhile, the management will be laughing all the way to the bank on their TV-welfare from the NFL and their 2/3rds-empty stadium (at least only 1/3 will be Cardinals fans). Hopefully we all can do what needs to be done: IGNORE THEM. Why? Because it’s the same story: Same old Cardinals.

Count me out.

Now, I have no team. I want to adopt another team, but I won’t spare the time and expense to go to their games. I used to live in Detroit. Root for the Lions? You’ve got to be kidding. Maybe I’ll root for the Panthers. After all, they would have been our expansion team.

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