This movie blew my mind.

Go see it - it's a classic with a great story line (the plot is somewhat predictable, but this movie touches your soul too - there's a sub-plot about Route-66 that's very revealing, especially for those of us who grew up after the Interstates were built. I always wondered "What's the big deal about Route 66? it's just a road!" Now I know.)

If the movie was a flop (not!), the 3d animation is absolutely astonishing, and alone worth the view. The worlds they create, the minute details etc. are just amazing.

My oldest son (3.5) wants me to take him to "the race car game." He saw the Indy 500 on May 28th, and loved it. This movie had him so exited, he could hardly contain himself. We even went to McDonalds after to get a "CARS" toy, that came with some terrible food.

Being Italian, there's a great "spoof" on Italians that was really well done. But even more, it exposed an element of American culture that's truly unique and special.

I found myself daydreaming of having a roadster/sports car, Corvette, Porsche, Ferrari, etc - cruising in Monument Valley, New England in the Fall, the Million-Dollar-Highway, or just the wide-open road of the bread-basket - even the rolling green farm landscape in Iowa, or the PCH.

Anyway, run (don't walk) to the theater and enjoy this movie.

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