Snowing in Scottsdale

Saturday, it snowed! "Big deal," you might say, but we live in Mesa, AZ. It snowed in many places in the Phoenix area this past weekend, most notably in North Scottsdale where they received up 4
of snow (my estimate)!

What a way to end a drought! It hasn't rained in a 143 days; I couldn't imagine a better way to end a drought than by having lots of rain, but better yet, SNOW on top of it!.

Last night when I heard it was snowing in North Scottsdale, I packed up (and bundled up) my 3 year old son, and we drove 41 miles to grandma's house to play in the snow. Much to our disappointment, it started raining again when we arrived, so we watched the Suns beat the T-Wolves, hoping that as the time passed, it would start snowing again. By this time it was about 9:30 PM, so I decided to head home, wishing I could show my son snow for the second time in his life. As I was making a left-hand turn at a stop sign, another car was coming to a halt when about a four inch sheet of snow slid off the hood of the car!

I decided I should head the direction that the car came from, and see if I could find snow. Low and behold, a half-mile up the road it started SNOWING!!! My son and I were ecstatic, so we called mommy to tell her that we finally found snow, and we'd be late.

So, here we were, about 10:00 PM, taking pictures, talking to strangers, and watching families and friends have snow-ball fights! What a hoot.

I thank God for 3/11/06. It was Papa's 70th today, and I can't help but think that the rain and snow, and all the fun that came from it was a gift for him. In reality, it was a gift for all of us in the Phoenix area. Thank you, Lord Jesus for ending the drought, and thank you most of all for the SNOW!!

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